Kurb to Kitchen is a full service, Coweta Remodel & Painting company from the edge of your Curb to the inside of your Kitchen.  We specialize in interior and exterior painting, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and even your everyday handyman work. We are willing to do what many other painters and remodelers would not in order to make your dream home a reality.  We use our core values to provide an exceptional experience in the Coweta Remodel & Painting region. 


What Can Kurb To Kitchen Do For You?

Interior Work

  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Drywall Repair
  • Texturing
  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Faux Painting
  • Plumbing Fixture Replacement/Installation
  • Electrical Fixture Replacement/Installation
  • Siding Repair
  • Move Appliances
  • Install Trim
  • Install Sink
  • Install Bathtub
  • Install Laminate Flooring
  • Install Tile Flooring
  • Install Shower Tile
  • Install Ceiling Fan
  • Install Bathroom Mirror
  • Install Toilet
  • Install Bedroom Doors
  • Repair Toilet Kit
  • Install Shower Surround
  • Remove Wallpaper
  • Texture Over Wallpaper
  • Install Safety/Grab Bars
  • Install Microwave
  • Install Anchors: I.E For Towel Bars, ETC.
  • Remove Popcorn Ceiling
  • Spray Paint Popcorn Ceiling
  • Fascia Repair
  • Restore Wood Cabinets And Trim
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean Blinds



  • Paint Cabinets
  • Install Shower Door
  • Repair Subfloors
  • install Attic Floors
  • Prep Homes For Sale
  • Hang pictures, TV’S, ETC.
  • Faulty Door Repair
  • Install Interior Doors


Exterior Work

  • Landscaping
  • Haul Off Junk
  • Install Entry Door
  • Pressure Wash Deck
  • Pressure Wash Concrete
  • Pressure Wash Brick
  • Repair Deck
  • Repair Pergola
  • Build Handicap Ramp
  • Install Board And Batten
  • Install Patio Pavers
  • Install Porch Railing
  • Leaf Collection
  • Gutter Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement
  • Window Shutter Replacement
  • Exterior Wood Rot Repair & Replacement
  • Install Mail Slot
  • Stain Decking
  • Repair Privacy Fence
  • Repair Chain Link Fence
  • Install Privacy Fence
  • Minor Tree Trimming
  • Trim Bushes


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Painting – Interior & Exterior

At Kurb to Kitchen we believe in only the best practices for Coweta Remodel & Painting.  Many companies say they will provide a good paint job, but at Kurb to Kitchen, we implement standards through our core values that become the way that our employees think.     

Quality Starts With Cleanliness. 

This is easily seen through the use of our CLEAN GUARANTEE.   Which starts with CLEAN EDGES. We use frogtape which may cost more than other usable tapes but provides a cleaner edge.  In addition we use a process over the frogtape that ensures that the edge has no bleed-through. It’s not just tape and forget it, it starts with quality tape and then multiple checks and processes to ensure a good and clean edge every time.  


A quality paint job is also about clean surfaces. We prepare our surfaces correctly.  We use cleaners to clean walls when needed, deglossers to degloss paint so new paint will adhere properly, sandpaper to prepare the surface if the surface needs some TLC, and primer on bare wood and other surfaces when paint would come into contact on bare wood or other surfaces that paint has a hard time sticking to.  Even our cleaning crew has a small role on providing a good Coweta Remodel & Painting job.  


It is important to not contact new paint with dirty hands/clothes etc, and our painting crews are taught these principles so they keep your new and existing paint in great condition.  We even use our own vacuum that has a high efficiency air filter to lower dust in the home. We will respect your home even more than if it was our own. That’s the kind of service you’ll receive from our Coweta Remodel & Painting services.

Quality – 

Continues after cleanliness to a level of excellence, distinction, and perfection that is expected of our employees.  Through our Coweta Remodel & Painting procedures and standards, we make sure everything is looked over by at least 2 sets of eyes, putting special focus on all areas of importance.  The walls and areas that are looked at the most, focal walls, social areas, etc, we take even more time and skill in these areas to ensure a quality of perfection with our Coweta Remodel & Painting.  These areas are the areas that are most important to our customers, and we want to here our customers look at it for the first time and say WOW, this looks great.

Paint Choice –  

Kurb to Kitchen allows a customer to choose their own paint but we strongly prefer and recommend to all customers to use a top tier paint.  Our most used paints are the top 2 tier paints at Sherwin Williams. Very very few contractors can say this, because we do practice what we preach and educate our customers to why it is important to paint with quality paints and what the difference is. 

Attention to Detail – 

In painting details are important and at Kurb to Kitchen we engrain in our employees the need to paint for 5 min and look over what they have painted with precision for excellence.  Taking the time to look every 5 minutes allows for a level of consciousness in precision that really does not come any other way. It truly has molded our workers into a level of thoroughness that takes painting to the next level.

Flooring – 

We install a variety of floors ranging from Plank vinyl floating floors to tile, and even linoleum when a customer wants it.  Our plank vinyl is sealed on the edges and we ensure every piece is properly attached to the next piece. In plank flooring many times there are surprises under the carpet, cracked cement, uneven cement spots, etc.  If these are found we will review the options and provide the customer with very economic ways to move forward instead of just putting the new floor over it resulting in uneven flooring that over time you will feel and will break the waterproof seal of the planks

Tiling – 

From tile surrounds, showers with inserts and accents, to regular everyday floor tile we offer a full variety of flooring and wall services.  In tile work preparation and processes are critical especially where water is involved. In shower surrounds we use backerboards that are than sealed before laying to tile.  We make sure that your lines are straight, your grout lines are even and sealed before the job is done. We want you to enjoy this not only the day we finish but for many years to come. 

Handyman Repair Work –  

Our handyman work is done to the same precison and expectation that everything else we offer.  We still expect him/her to take a different pair of shoes for inside the home and treat your home with the respect it deserves.  We very wide variety of handy man services from repairing fencing, to repairing garbage disposals. It would be impossible to list the many services but most things offered under handy man would qualify from leaky faucets to cabinet repairs. 


Kurb to Kitchen has encountered many different types of jobs from painting exteriors with enormous amounts of wood rot to interior painting that customers were wondering if their sheetrock could every look good again.  We have found that all of these problems have solutions. The answer is simple, easy, and hassle free. It is to hire Kurb to Kitchen. We will evaluate every situation, give you a fair and honest breakdown of what is needed to do the job.  Inform you of what we will do to ensure a quality job is done and make sure you have an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.