About Us

Kurb to Kitchen started with humble beginnings in their Coweta Remodel & Painting work. The company was founded by Lonny & Rinda Myers back in the mid-2010’s. They were inspired to start this handyman and remodeling company because of the lack of expertise shown by other contractors. Practically everyone knows a story about an untrustworthy contractor. Whether the contractors lied about the estimate total, never showed up on-time or ghosted the client whenever questioned about work, all of this remained unacceptable for Lonny & Rinda.


This is why they started with Kurb to Kitchen, to bring excellence with Coweta Remodel & Painting. By pulling up their boot straps and getting to work everyday, they are now able to satisfy just about any customer need. What makes Kurb to Kitchen stand out though? They incorporate five main principles or core values to explain why they do what they do with their Coweta Remodel & Painting


No matter what the job may be or how they feel on a given day, it’s immensely important to always stay productive. When you signed on with us, we agreed on certain timeline for work to get done. While inclement weather certain is an area we can’t control, we know that staying focused on the job is a MUST. It just showcases that we’re serious about the work we do and we’re not just standing around to give ourselves a siesta.


We know that by working productively on the job, it gives a tremendous benefit to the client. It illustrates our effectiveness on the job and shows how motivated we are to get your work done! From a company standpoint, ensuring that we’re productive simply helps our bottom-line too. 



This seems like a pretty obvious point, but if you don’t provide quality with your work, then you shouldn’t be in business. There’s a whole lot of average work out there, no matter what the industry is. Some of the average work is disguised in professional environments. For the most part, people believe most accountants, lawyers & financial advisors know what they’re doing. Unfortunately in our contracting industry, a majority of people hold a poor stigma and mindset towards us. We come into a home and they assume that we’re like every other contractor who’s ready to screw up a job.


That’s why it’s such a HUGE priority for us to prove the doubters wrong in our Coweta Remodel & Painting! For instance, just simply check out our reviews on Google and Homeadvisor. We get rewards as a company with “Elite Service” and high ratings on Google for a reason. With over 50 5-star reviews coming from Google or Facebook or Homeadvisor, that’s one reason to give us a shot at WOWing you. We worked hard to broadcast the evidence of our good Coweta Remodel & Painting work for everyone to see.


What this good social proof does for Kurb to Kitchen is validate our excellence with facts. It gives a distinction beyond anyone else in the business and in the region. As we grow, we work our hardest to make sure that the quality isn’t tarnished along the way. It’s a sob story with many contracting companies in the past. They continue to grow and grow and expand further and further…ultimately to self-sabotage with the lack of quality control enforced. They run themselves dry. Kurb to Kitchen’s mission is to sustainably grow with every project and make sure that with any new project, we’re able to provide realistic timelines.


Attention to Detail

All of this discussion on quality paints a perfect segway to our attention to detail. Our attention to details gives us a huge focus to make sure that we maintain the quality. Could this mean that our work takes more time than the other guys? Possibly, but what you’ll notice is other contractors zip through projects. As a result, they miss details and cut corners on work. While it covers the short-term issues right now, it will cause problems for the property long-term. Our attention to detail at Kurb to Kitchen places a focus on making sure you get the best work the first time. It’s not that we don’t want you calling us again for more work! We just need to consistently showcase our excellence every time. That’s what we will do for you in all our Coweta Remodel & Painting projects.



This is a big one for us. You can imagine that contractors are likely not the most delightful people to work with. They labor all day, everyday, many times in the hot outdoors of the summer. If you were working outside all day, you may even become super grumpy! That’s unfortunately what a lot of general contractors and laborers are!


Kurb to Kitchen often stands out because of their attitude on the job site. They know that if they maintain a great outlook on their work, the work will actually end better. When interacting with customers too, there’s a professionalism that’s so important. It’s more than just saying hi and holding a mildly tolerable conversation. This involves actually following the proven steps shown in How to Win Friends and Influence People and showing genuine interest with each customer’s concerns. By doing this, Kurb to Kitchen already stands out from a big part of the pack!



Finally, our last core value is designated toward people’s perception of our company. Do you know why we work everyday to try and receive at least one Google review about our work? Or why on any platform you find online, we maintain great reviews? Or why with all service work, we’re often regarded as treating customers “like family?” It all boils down to the perception of clients have about our company. We know that if we WOW a customer and paint a great impression, then they will brag about us to friends and family members. Therefore, this wins us more work in the future.


Whether it involves us dressing well for everyday on the job or by implementing our CLEAN guarantee with every job, we know that it only helps. It won’t just give us great reception in the short-term, but down the road, we’ll see long-term effects of our consistent focus on giving people a great, lasting impression. This is why working with Kurb to Kitchen is the best decision you’ll make when looking for fantastic Coweta Remodel & Painting work.