Coweta Remodel | Flooring

This content was written for Kurb to Kitchen.

Are you looking for someone that is going to get the job done with your Contracting work every time? Are you needing someone that you can rely on that takes the extra step to provide the quality that you are Desiring. We are the Coweta remodel company for you because we are very attentive to detail. We love to work with different projects and we like to make this process a lot more enjoyable for you. Call us today and get a free estimate so that we can get started on making your dream a reality with your remodel.

We offer a lot of different Services here with our company but one of our favorites is to work with flooring. We offer up a variety of different floorings whether it be vinyl that you’re wanting with plank vinyl floating floors to tile or we even go old school with the linoleum floors that every customer has been pleased with in the past. We seal the edges of our plank vinyl to ensure that it is properly attached with every piece to the next piece. We are able to look at uneven cement spots in your flooring.

If you happen to have uneven cement spots with your cracked cement or even surprises that are under your carpet we are able to look at this and review options. We provide you with the education necessary to make the best decision on how to move forward. We will work with your budget to make sure that it is something that you can afford it while still letting the job that you received. We have a lot of different economic ways to solve this issue rather than leaving you with something that you can’t afford. But we don’t want you to think that is ugly either so that’s also important to us.

Some people have tried to just put floor over these uneven cement spots and that is a bad idea. They do this to try to skip corners and get something done that ends up being temporary. But it will actually result in that even flooring. The waterproof seal of the planks will break and over time you will feel that it is uneven below your feet. That’s not a good sign. We want to make sure that we avoid that.

We were able to help with tiling because we are the handyman that repair any work that you need. We are very particular about making sure the lines are straight and that you have grout lines that are sealed before we finish the project because that’s important to us. We know that you are going to love the job that we finished because we want you to enjoy it on the day of the also in the years to come as well. Tile is a difficult job for a lot of people who don’t have experience but we are the crew that can get it done For your Coweta remodel. call us today.