Coweta Painting and Remodeling | Look at Those Exteriors

This content was written for Kurb to Kitchen.

There is so much upkeep to be done on a home to keep it in tiptop shape!  What kinds of Coweta painting and remodeling projects can you find on the exterior of your house?  I’ll bet there are dozens of maintenance items you have let go and need catching up.  Once those are done it’s time for improvements!

The first obvious place to start for Coweta painting and remodeling on the exterior of your house is the main house surface.  If your house is brick, we may need to pressure washing to clean off dirt and debris, or even moss and algae in shady areas.  The brickwork will be looked over for cracks and crevasses caused by settling and age and filled with an appropriate mortar caulk.  The mortar will be checked that it is sound and not crumbling.  If you have wood siding, a big thing we look for is wood rot.  We look for places where the paint is discolored, loose, bubbling, or faded, identify problem areas, and create a game plan to both repair the damage and also to prevent damage in the future.  We will check the trim boards and especially the trim around the windows. The fascia and eaves are also checked for damages.  We may suggest upgrades to improve your home as we are painting and remodeling this way, such as guttering.  We also do small gutter repairs of downspouts and gutter pins.  It may even be time to upgrade your house from wood siding to vinyl siding, which is very attractive, low maintenance, and long lasting.

How else can you beautify your property? How about landscaping?  We can put in trees, bushes, flower beds, and keep it all looking nice with a good layer of mulch.  Trees add value and beauty to any property if properly selected for the location they will be in.  Be sure and keep in mind right of way for utilities when planning tree planting.  We can install pavers for walkways or paths, and suggest the right plants for your climate and suited to the sun exposure and water needs of the location.  A nice crushed rock path may be a cheap alternative to concrete or pavers, and can help raise the height of the walkways to keep water from pooling there when it rains. Don’t forget when Coweta painting and remodeling the exterior of your house that painted concrete needs to be kept fresh too!

Coweta Painting and remodeling the exterior of your home isn’t complete without considering exterior lighting and water features!  It’s a quick fix to upgrade existing fixtures, and we can help you with getting the right set up for other lighting needs on your property. If you have a leaky faucet we can take care of that.  We can also help you set up a koi pond or shallow water feature to help the local bees and butterflies find their way to your yard for your enjoyment.

How about that deck that has seen better days?  We can repair it, clean it well, and re-stain it to look like new!  Or if the timing is right for you we can build a new deck that will fit the needs of your family better.  Whether you go with a solid stain or a transparent one, Coweta painting and remodeling of decks and porches can go a long ways in making a home more attractive.  We can even assemble pergolas or outdoor furniture, or hang a porch swing for maximum enjoyment of your property.

Don’t forget keeping in mind your kids and extended family when painting and remodeling the exterior of your home!  We can assemble playground equipment, swings, basketball goals, etc and get them installed and anchored properly for years of enjoyment.  Fencing is another huge aspect of the exterior of your home.  We can do all sorts of fencing repairs and installs, including gates. We have connections that can help you with the grading of your yard as well, and we can reseed or lay sod with the correct grasses for your property to make it beautiful, functional, and comfortable for everyone.

A big part of yard maintenance is keeping trees and bushes trimmed and tidy.  We can do small limb and tree removal as well as bushes and other plants.  We have all the tools to trim your yard to be in tip top shape, and we can even spray those pesky weeds!  We can help with other small projects around the yard too!  We can install birdhouses, bird feeders, mailboxes, and other yard decoration installs.

Speaking of yard maintenance, where do you store your tool? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your tool shed while you are painting and remodeling!  We can disassemble or haul off your old shed, and coordinate the deliver of your new one or provide the manpower for assembly of a kit!  Don’t forget to use a good quality paint on the exterior when you are done for a long-lived shed that will protect the investment you have in your tools!

If your windows are looking icky try having us give them a good cleaning while we are there for other Coweta painting and remodeling.  We can wash and scrape both sides of the glass leaving them good as new!  We can also remove and wash blinds, then dry and rehang them when we are done.  We can even put you in contact with companies that can repair your windows if the seal between the panes has broken.

While you are painting and remodeling don’t forget your doors!  We can install beautiful new steel entry doors at the front and back of your house.  Many current models have lovely sidelights and window insets.  If you are going with a plain door you may also want a storm door to help keep out weather and dirt, and to be able to let in a breeze when the weather is favorable.  A steel entry door can give you peace of mind for your family, an they are low maintenance and long lasting!

How do you like our Big Giant To-Do List of exterior projects for Coweta painting and remodeling?  Have Kurb to Kitchen come out to your house and get started on a project today!