Coweta Painting and Remodeling | Your Kitchen is Part of Your Heart

How long has it been since your kitchen got a facelift? Coweta Painting and remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be a nightmare or a long arduous journey.  Just let Kurb to Kitchen get a feel for what you are looking for and we can run with it to make your dream a reality!

When Coweta painting and remodeling a kitchen the first decision that needs to be made is whether or not the layout is staying the same.  Often times as add-ons are done to houses things get out of whack as far as usability and work flow.  There is an important concept of the work triangle in a kitchen- meaning you want the refrigerator, sink, and stove to be a rough triangle in the room and not too far apart.  This creates the most efficient pattern for working and cooking in the kitchen.  If your kitchen is lacking a nice work triangle, during a remodel is the best time to remove it!  While designing your new kitchen we want to keep in mind the work triangle, the storage space for dishes, and storage space for food items, and the needs of the people in your family.

One big decision especially if you are not having to change the layout of the room is whether you are keeping the old cabinets or installing new ones. Coweta Painting and remodeling the old ones is usually more cost effective, but may be affected by the condition of the old ones and if their size is correct for the room and the family.  If they will work they can stay!  We can use our special rollers and techniques for beautifully painted cabinets, or we can remove the doors and drawers, tape off the other surfaces, and give everything an ultra smooth spray coat of paint.  Remember to use a high quality enamel paint on cabinets and trim for best washability and longest life of the paint coat!  Another option for existing cabinets is to sand down and restain, then apply several coats of polyurethane.  If you are installing NEW cabinets, then you once again decide if you will stain or paint.  Stained wood finishes are very in for kitchens right now, but paint can look great too.

Once the decision is made on cabinets, there is another big decision- countertops.  The cheapest option is a new layer of formica on the existing countertop.  The next most expensive option is replacing the countertop with preformed formica counters.  Above that you jump up to granite which has a wide price range depending on pattern, and then up to solid surface counters and marble.  For durability and cleanability we definitely recommend granite when you are ready for Coweta painting and remodeling your kitchen.  It is heat resistant and durable.  If correctly sealed every 3-5 years your counters should stay looking fresh and beautiful with little to no staining or wear marks.

Another consideration is ceiling space, especially if you have a home last remodeled in the 80s and 90s that has a dropped ceiling.  When you are painting and remodeling your kitchen remember that drop ceilings are OUT!  People want to feel they have space not that they are caved in. If the plumbing and air ducts will allow it definitely consider raising the ceiling to a normal 8 foot height, or if roof space allows it, even higher.  A nice feature is a small drop tray if you cannot do a full height ceiling for the whole room.

Lighting is a huge part of the mood of a kitchen, so it needs careful consideration while you are painting and remodeling.  Can lights can help a lot with having to work with lower ceilings or with lighting specific work areas.  There are also many cute options in small pendant lights especially over kitchen islands.  If budget doesn’t allow for completely new light fixtures, spray paint and/or new glass globes can go a long way to freshening up old fixtures.

Everyone visits the kitchen sink daily, usually multiple times a day.  So don’t overlook the sink and plumbing fixtures when you are Coweta painting and remodeling your kitchen.  Whether you choose stainless steel, porcelain, or a different type of sink, be aware there are different bowl configurations depending on your preference as well as different configurations for the plumbing of the faucet etc.  Do you want a preinstalled soap dispenser? A spray wand? A disposal?

How about appliances?  The most common options are white, black, and stainless steel, but some appliances come in specialty colors or in a special smudge-proof stainless steel.  Whatever color you prefer, all kitchen appliances come in a wide price range depending on your desired features and your budget.  Besides the dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and oven, don’t forget to coordinate your microwave as well.

We haven’t mentioned the floor yet!  In such a central part of the house you want something durable and easy to clean.  When Coweta painting and remodeling your kitchen tile definitely tops that list.  We recommend a ceramic tile over porcelain, as it is harder and holds up better to traffic and wear and tear. You can get tile in almost any shade or color, and it comes in everything from very large two foot by three foot pavers to itty bitty half inch mosaics.  We can do all kind of patterns with plain tiles to dress things up, such as herringbone or a hopscotch pattern.

Last but not least is the wall paint! When Coweta painting and remodeling your kitchen it is definitely the final touch that makes it feel like home.  We can assist you by suggesting a texture finish or a smooth finish, and then get that coat of paint up.