Coweta Painting and Remodeling | A facelift for your home

Coweta Painting and remodeling can give your home a facelift!  When you’re feeling your home appears sad and tired, a fresh coat of paint will liven things up and brighten the space.  Updating appliances and cabinets can make a world of difference too!

You can start Coweta painting and remodeling in the kitchen with shiny new appliances and the newest style of cabinetry and countertops.  Whether you’re on a budget and choose formica and painting your old cabinets, or upgrade to granite and new cabinets, fresh countertops can give you the look of a whole new kitchen.  For flooring, the budget friendly route of rolled laminate is still an option, but the rugged standby of tile is a timeless option that will take the pounding a busy family needs in one of the most used rooms in the house.  Don’t forget to update your lighting and sink fixtures while you are at it! Painting and remodeling in a kitchen is a smart choice for homeowners looking for a fresh look, or those trying to increase the value of their home.

Next take a look at your bathrooms. Coweta Painting and remodeling these smaller spaces are cheaper than a kitchen, but just as effective dollar for dollar in the value it adds to your home.  We can update your shower surround with budget friendly fiberglass options, or put in a nice tile surround.  A new trend is to convert your bathtub to a stand up shower with dual heads- very attractive and user friendly! We can install a new vanity and sink, the newest trend is vanities designed to look like furniture, with open leg space.  If you want one of these vanities you need to replace the flooring underneath the vanity so let’s update the floor in the whole room!  Toilets can be reset or replaced depending on their age and condition.  Many bathrooms have flat wall and we can dress them up with texturing.  We’ll even install the anchors for your hooks and towel bars that will make the space feel cozy once you add your towels and robes. With new lighting and plumbing fixtures and a new mirror, your bathroom painting and remodeling transformation is complete!

In the bedrooms a fresh coat of paint and new is usually all that’s needed.  Or is it? Need to reconfigure your closet space? We can help you figure that out!  Making the closet large enough to be a walk in closet is a huge seller right now for homes.  Also there are hundreds of fantastic closet organization systems that make the space need and efficient.  So for your master bedroom suite, include your closet in your painting and remodeling project!

The newest trend in flooring is 100% vinyl floating plank flooring.  We strongly recommend these types of products as inexpensive, durable options for flooring.  If they are installed correctly they should provide many years of comfort and beauty in your home.  In kitchens and bathrooms we recommend a bead of silicone along the perimeter of the room to prevent water penetration under the flooring. These floors are beautiful and easy to install.

Don’t forget the laundry area when you are Coweta painting and remodeling!  There are all kinds of organizational systems that can be added to a laundry area that are space conscious and efficient, to make your space easier to work in and have so much more storage!  From over the washer and dryer space, to installing a base drawer under your washer and dryer, to narrow cabinets that will fit in the space you have available, we can install them and get your space looking fantastic!

How about Coweta painting and remodeling in that dining room?  New flooring for sure, laminate plank flooring or tile are both good options.  Wainscoting or board and batten on the wall are very popular right now, and with a fresh coat of paint you can liven up the space.  A new chandelier or light fixture should complete the transformation!

Have other spaces in your house that need to be looked at for painting and remodeling? Maybe a game room? Man cave? We can do the same things there! New flooring, new paint, new fixtures.  We can mount that new big screen TV you purchased for a steal of a deal on Black Friday!  We can hang curtains and blinds, install anchors for wall décor, and even help move the furniture back in.

After all this painting of walls and ceilings, you may decide your doors need a facelift too!  We can install new pre-hung interior and exterior doors, or just repaint your new ones.  We can paint the doors in place using our ultra-smooth rollers and techniques, or remove the hinges and use a spray painter for the smoothest possible finish.  Painting and remodeling covers more than just the walls though. What about your fireplace?  Sometimes brick starts to look grungy.  We can clean it up, or prime and paint it making it fresh and easy to keep clean.  We can install a new mantle or paint your existing one to freshen it up!

The place that will catch people’s eye first when they enter your home is your entry.  Make a good first impression with a fresh new tile floor. Perhaps a pop of color on one wall would add some pizzazz to the area.  And of course the light fixture there in the entry is a focal point of the room so make it count when you are Coweta painting and remodeling!

Last but not least, replace your tired old front door with a beautiful steel entry door, there are many options on the market with lovely glass inserts that are sure to make your home stand out.  When you are Coweta painting and remodeling, call Kurb to Kitchen and we will walk you through the process to get it done right!