Coweta Painting and Remodeling | Done Right

Kurb to Kitchen of Coweta Remodeling and Painting has a specific process that allows us to excel above the others.  We start by showing up on time.  Customers can count on us to be there when we say we will.  We then greet you with a smile and are ready to go to work to exceed the customers’ expectations.  Our next step is to protect your home.  We start protecting with the flooring.  We wear a different pair of shoes inside of the home then we use outside.  We also will have a drop cloth in heavy traffic areas to allow for a protected walkway inside your home.

Inside each of the rooms we put drop cloths down to make sure all flooring is protected.  We then evaluate furniture and things that are on the furniture that could be in potential danger.  We find new locations for anything that needs protection and then proceed to start our production.  With any Coweta Painting and Remodeling project we will do the demo work with as little mess as is possible for the project.   We will use a vacuum attachment for any sanding that is needed to be done.  We use a wet dry vacuum both during and after to clean up messes so that they are not tracked throughout the customers house.

Every Coweta painting and remodeling project is different but the basics to end up with quality are the same.  Consistency and processes are key.  Every worker has it embedded in their way of thinking that it is necessary to watch over each other’s work.  Our leads will take a moment about 5 to 10 times per hour to look around at each workers’ work to make sure that they are following our protocols that are there to protect your house.  We have protocols for making sure the house stays clean and to make sure that we are following the procedures that will end up giving you that wow experience.

Not all projects are necessarily painting and remodeling.  Many customers are amazed to find out that we do so much more than just paint and remodel.  We also trim trees, do landscaping, and a variety of other small handyman type services.  All in an effort  to help you as a customer.   We want to be your one stop shop for Coweta painting and remodeling.

There are some projects that are a little messier than others.  For example would be a large tile project that you need a wall taken out or moved.  Even with projects like this we have ways to keep the mess from becoming overwhelming.  The last thing we want is for our customers to be overwhelmed during their project.  Our processes help take that out of the equation.  Its amazing the difference a customer feels when they don’t have to be looking over every detail of the project to make sure its done to their minimum standards, since we go so far above and beyond that.

Kurb to Kitchen is ran by humans.  On rare occasions mistakes are made.  We are the rarity in the market today that will let you know about those rare occasions that a mistake is made.  Not only will we let you know about it but we will also let you know what we are going to do to make it right.  That’s right, we will not only let you know about the mistake but we will take steps to make it right.  It’s the WOW difference that Kurb to Kitchen of Coweta Painting and remodeling has to offer you.

When we enter a customers house to do Coweta painting and remodeling we are going to start, perform, and complete  with complete respect to your home.  We want you to feel the difference from our dedicated workforce that has as their number one priority to Wow you with our premium services.  Each worker knows that it is the most important aspect of our business to impress our customers and this starts and ends with our performance in your home.  Everything from how we dress, communicate, and especially the quality of our work.  From clean paint edges, to straight tile that is correctly installed.  Whatever your project Kurb to Kitchen will help you gain an pleasant experience and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Evidence of the dedication that kurb to kitchen gives to your Coweta painting and remodeling project is that around 30% of our customers inform us before leaving of their intention of hiring us to do another project within the next 3 months.  An even higher percentage of customers hire us to come back to do work within the following 12 to 16 months after the original work.  Most customers have either had us come back to do Coweta Painting and remodeling or they have referred us to other potential customers.  It is not uncommon for us to have a waiting list 2 months out because of the high demand for Coweta Painting and Remodeling.  So now is the time to book your remodel project and to check our availability.  We are eager to help you see and feel the difference that Kurb to Kitchen can make for you and to be able to do it right!

We are ready for you to take the next step and call us.  When we arrive to do a detailed quote inform our worker/workers of any projects that you might be considering in the near future.   This will allow for us to inform you of possible potential savings that can be made by doing projects in order or at the same time as other projects and if requested we can form quotes for those projects as well.  So no matter if you have a small painting project or a complete bathroom remodel, Kurb to Kitchen of Coweta Painting and Remodeling is the company for you.  Call today and we will do our best to be their in a very timely manner to start the quote process and get you on your way to your dream home!