Coweta Painters | We Really Are Different

Painting and remodeling with Kurb to Kitchen is not like hiring other Coweta Painters.  Customers can rely on our training, experienced workers, the background checks we screen our workers with, and our reputation through google, facebook, and word of mouth.

There are a large number a variables that go into a good paint job.  Kurb to Kitchen does not cut corners.  We use only the best unless a customer requests otherwise.  We start with prevention, drop clothes to cover everything that could be affected.  A different pair of shoes for entering a customer’s house so that there is no risk in tracking things in, they are only worn in customers homes.  Kurb to Kitchen Strives to protect every aspect of the customers home.  We will respect it as if it was our own during any painting or remodel project.  We may be based in Coweta Painters, but our services our not what you would expect from a small rural community.

After the home is protected with drop cloths, clean shoes, etc. we move on to a good paint or remodel preparation.  For painting that includes, cleaning and de-glossing trim, inspection of other paint areas for proper preparation, drywall repair, texture repair, and old paint runs from previous painters, etc.,  We then use tape to tape off each area using Frog tape or other high quality tapes, we also determine focal walls and areas to use extra methods to ensure a perfect line.  This is especially important when dealing with both medium and heavy texture.  We take extra precautions when dealing with texture to ensure a good straight line.  Our lines are amongst the best in the industry.  For other remodel preps we do a full evaluation of what preparation needs to be done to ensure the safety of the existing paint jobs that will not be repainted, and other things that the customer would want protected.  All employees are responsible to point out any potential risks enabling everyone to be better aware of any potential problem.  These preliminary steps allow for better protection during the painting and remodel projects that we handle for our customers in Coweta, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Tulsa, and the surrounding areas.

When a paint or remodel project is protected and prepared, we move on to the actual work.  For painting that is cutting in.  We have a variety of cut in tools that do a wonderful job covering the edges which we reseal as we paint to ensure a very tight edge.  We then use a fan to help the evaporation process move a little quicker allowing us to visually see any bleed through in the cut in process.  We then decide if a second layer is needed to keep the paint looking and working well.  Usually cut in consists of 2 types of layers, a brush layer followed by a roller layer.  It is rare to need a 3rd layer besides touch up when using a good quality upper tier paint which is all Kurb to Kitchen recommends.  Following the Cut in phase is the roller work.  Kurb to Kitchen carries a variety of roller sizes to each job and chooses one based on the thickness of texture or lack thereof.  We generally roll the walls with the fan on allowing us to see bleed through quicker if there is going to be any in the home.  After ensuring the paint is going to look solid, and good, we then move on to tape removal.  By having chosen the correct type of Frog tape and practicing best practices of removal it minimizes risk from the tape removing areas keeping things surrounding the paint area looking as good as they were before the painting and remodel process.

After removal of the tape we then proceed to clean up.  This consists of cleaning up the paint tools (usually done outside with a hose away from the house), cleaning up the drop cloths, vacuuming when needed, and leaving the house better than we came.  We strive to be a full service company that makes you glad that you hired us to begin with.  If a customer ever has any problem, no matter how small, Kurb to Kitchen wants to hear about it so we can make it right.  We will go the extra mile to make it as right as possible.

Most painting and remodel projects do not take a rocket scientist to complete.   But to end up with a WOW effect for your painting and remodel project you need a company that cares, a company that has experience, a company that will go the extra mile, not cut corners, and that will have an honest conversation with you.  You need Kurb to Kitchen for every painting and remodel project that you the WOW effect.

We want you to refer you to your friends in Coweta, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Tulsa, Owasso, and any other surrounding area for your painting and remodeling needs.  For us to get you to do this we have to not only do our job, but we need to get the WOW effect.  We want you to show your friends our work and tell them Kurb to Kitchen transformed this to your vision.  If you have your own interior designer, we will work directly with them and or you to make sure you get what you are looking for.  We remember that you are the customer and what you want is what counts.  Painting and remodeling is best done by envisioning the whole picture but being detailed in each and every part of the remodel project.

An added bonus to using Kurb to Kitchen while you are having a painting or remodel project done, is the variety of other things we can do for you in addition to the main project.  Our handyman abilities can solve so many of the areas that might be bothering you in your home.  Our general labor and landscape abilities can resolve the areas that might be bothering you outside, and our wood restore products in many instances have transformed doors, cabinets, trim, and furniture in just a few minutes.  We truly are more than just a remodel and paint service, and just because we are based in Coweta Painters, it does not limit us to only Coweta or Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

So, whether you are in Coweta, Broken Arrow, Jenks or Beverly Hills you will be proud of the paint and remodel job that you have done by Kurb to Kitchen.  We will use materials that will last, not cut corners, and make our paint or remodel project stand out for you and your community, making our company shine in Coweta Painters.